You can download the attached Demo and check it out.

Prerequisites: Path Painter II needs to be installed and it needs to be included in build to use the API in runtime.

If you get errors after importing the Demo, it's likely because one of the above is not true.

To fix:

  1. Remove the Demo package from the project and make sure you have no errors.
  2. Import Path Painter II from the Asset Store (if it's not already imported or if it was imported while the project was not error free).
  3. Open the build settings for Path Painter II (Window -> 3D Haven -> Path Painter II -> Path Painter II Build Settings...).
  4. Include Path Painter II in the build using the button.
  5. Import this package again.


If you still see errors, you may need to reimport one or both of the two for Unity to "realise" that Path Painter is now included in the build and is in the runtime scope. In some circumstances you may get compiler errors if the compiler gets hung up on the change of Path Painter inclusion in build. If that happens, you may need to restart Unity itself.

Have fun